There are two great audio tours. The first,  A Belfast Introduction: 'From Great Victoria Street to City Hall', is as the title of the tour suggests, an introduction to Belfast when arriving by bus or train at the Great Northern Mall, Great Victoria Street. 

The second audio tour is named, 'The Heart of Belfast: From Humble Beginnings to Shipbuilding Glory'. It is a city centre tour beginning at the front gates of Belfast City Hall. 

Early morning or late afternoon are the best times to take the tours as parts of the city centre can be 'noisy' at times with street entertainers. The front of the City Hall is used by various campaign groups and public bodies and at times hundreds could be assembled there; not ideal for an audio tour.

With your mobile phone and headphone on, click on the link below to begin one of the two audio tours.

<a href="">Belfast self-guided audio tours</a>