Your guide specialises in walking tours and as a step-on coach guide. Available for cruise ship organised tours throughout Belfast and Ulster.
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William Dickson BEM is the longest serving tour guide in Belfast. During the height of the 'Belfast Troubles' he would be seen taking groups around his beloved city. Time has moved on and William is no longer doing tours on his own and many more guides are available today, but William is still in great demand guiding on coaches and walking tours. Blue Badge Guides of which William is one, are selected, trained and examined by the official British tourist boards. The training is detailed and comprehensive, the examinations rigorous and registration an achievement. Every guide will have the same background of national core knowledge combined with in-depth local knowledge. As well as acquiring knowledge, Blue Badge Guides are trained in the selection and presentation of material. The Blue Badge is recognised internationally. Blue Badge Guides have a wide range of specialities and interests and can guide on foot, in cars, on coaches, on trains and on boats. They have a wealth of experience which is respected by discriminating tour operators and travel agents throughout the world. Tours Around Ulster use only Blue Badge Guides. JUST CONTINUE DOWN THE PAGE

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BOOK YOUR GUIDE FOR A COACH TOUR -MORNING OR AFTERNOON- FOR ONLY £95. YES ONLY £95. We offer a walking tour starting at 10 am from the front gates of Belfast City Hall (Mon-Sat). The rate is only £8 per person (if more than one person). Why pay £15+ for a tour when you can get the best for a lot less? Groups of 12 persons or over £95.00 for a morning or afternoon tour. Booking by email or mobile essential.


Dear Billy, Thank you for all your assistance over the last 6 months or so and for making the trip so interesting. One or two of our group had misgivings about travelling to Belfast, given its recent history, but they freely admitted that they had their ‘eyes opened’ by the trip. Very positive feedback from everyone especially for the poetry and the singing plus the recommendation of The Points. Were I doing the trip again, I would have liked to have a bit more on ‘The Troubles’ and what lay behind them. However at our final dinner at James Street South, one couple who were a mixed Protestant/ Catholic marriage spoke emotionally about how they could understand the issues much better now. All in all a big success from my point of view, plus a relief that it all went well. There was a lot of detail to cover. Fortunately it is not our turn again for a few years! Warmest personal regards and thanks, Lindsay F-----from London.

  • Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom